Karolyn Nevarez- Certified personal trainer, acroyoga, aerial hoop,pole and flexibility instructor.

Ana Glacken- Resistance flexibility, aerial yoga instructor.

Eddie Barron- Acroyoga, aerial straps, cyr, and handstand specialist.

Gavin Moore- Parkour coach.

Georgina Armendariz- Silks instructor.

Aimee Bencomo- Pole dance instructor.

Miriam Torres- Pole dance instructor.

Mindy Chanson- Dance and aerial silks instructor.

Jazel Serate- Pilates  instructor.

Brenda Kennedy- Yoga guru



Ana Glacken is the Treasurer and co-founder and aerial hammock/ aerial yoga instructor of; Academy of Aerial Fitness.

Born in Ecuador, raised in New York, and served seven years in the United States Army as a Supply Sergeant, Ana Glacken currently holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from the University of Maryland.  

Married 21 years to her husband, James, veteran of fifteen years and currently stationed on Fort Bliss.  Ana is also a mother of two: daughter Evelyn, age twelve, and son Aaron, age ten.

Ana started off started off as a pole fitness instructor in 2013 and then went on to teach aerial yoga in 2015.  An expert motivator due to her years of service in the Army, Ana also offers a unique perspective as an instructor as she lives with, works around, and has thrived as an instructor  in spite of having back, shoulder, and hip pain that would normally be considered disabling.  

This led her to devise workouts that are safe, effective, and beneficial not only to herself but most importantly her students of all health and fitness levels.

Ana has attended workshops with Miss Texas Pole Star 2012- Crystal Belcher, International Pole Dance Fitness Competitor, David C. Owen and World Pole Champion, Pantera Blacksmith




Pursuing a Kinesiology degree from the University of Texas at El Paso Eddie understands body mechanics and human development.  Eddie brings his knowledge and personal training and performing experience to AAF ensuring the best training for aerial techniques and strength conditioning needed for the aerial arts.

Eddie has extensive aerial knowledge in various apparatus such as; aerial straps, corde lisse, lyra, cyr wheel and traveling rings. As well as being proficient in these aerial arts Eddie has a string background in acrobatics, calisthenics, weight training and various dance techniques ranging from break dance to ballet.

Eddie is a seasoned traveler and takes pride in having trained with numerous skilled athletes from cirque du soleil to ninja warrior competitors. He has trained with athletes such as; famous hand balancer and cirque performer Dima Shine, hand balancer Yuri Marmerstein,  Cyr wheel crafter and guru Sam Tribble, corde lisse specialist Brandy Leary,  aerial hoop artist Lisa Natoli, professional dancer and choreographer Bills Evans, acroyoga and acrobatic duo the AcroSuperHeroes Danya and Hobbs, and Vegas performer, tumbler Scott McDonald to name a few..

Eddie has performed in various dance recitals at UTEP, aerial and acrobatic performances , including Dreadful things' annual food drive, and performed Acro-yoga demonstrations at yoga festivals. He performed a Corde Lisse, Spanish Web, and Acrobatic performance at the El Paso Civic center. Aerial Straps solo at the El Paso County Coliseum for the Welcoming Home the Vietnam Veterans event.




Mindy Chanson is an aerial silks and dance instructor at Academy of Aerial Fitness available for private lessons, classes, workshops, and performances. She is also the artistic director and choreographer of Pasithea Dance Company. She is a dance, aerial, and gymnastics instructor at Melissa's Gym. She is an active member of Tumbleweed Dance Collective. 
    In 2007, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with honors from UTEP with a BFA in Dance Performance. She was a member of the Mackenzie Rosales Dance and Co. for three years. She was also a member of the Glasbox dance collective: APT Movement, and a member of the improvisational group: Knee-Jerk. She has taught dance at several studios around town including: Life in Balance, El Paso Center for Visual and Performing Arts, El Paso Country Day School, Desert Moon Academy of the Arts, Dance Designs, and La Guitarra. She also worked for Kids Excel El Paso for four years teaching at numerous elementary schools around town. She has attended American College Dance Festival as well as the Big Range Austin Dance Festival. 
    Fascinated by movement and rhythm since she was in the womb, she began her classical dance training when she was two years old. Constantly evolving her dance style and approach, she is always challenging the mental and physical prowess of her eclectic group of performers and students. 
   Her favorite modes of dance include: contemporary dance, fire dance, butoh, aerial dance, and acro-yoga. She is the proud mother of an exuberant and precocious little girl, named Lily Fae. Victor, her loving partner provides endless support for all of her artistic endeavors. She also has a beloved red heeler, named Porkpie. Her biggest inspiration is the greatest physical comedian of all time, Buster Keaton.


Jazel Serate

Pilates Biography:
Jazel Serate has been trained in classical and contemporary ballet for over 20 years. She was introduced to Pilates through her dance training at age 12. Jazel holds a B.A. in Dance at Loyola Marymount University, where she took frequent Pilates reformer classes with Pilates expert, Melanie McGray, in conjuntion with physical therapist, Mavis Rode. It was at LMU that Jazel discovered the rehabilitation benefits of Pilates and the improvement Pilates made on her dance technique. As she aims to utilize Pilates in a future career in physical therapy, Jazel completed the 500-hour teacher certification program at the Body, Arts, & Science International Pilates institute. Jazel likes to focus her sessions on alignment and the mind-body connection, while incorporating imagery and tactile cues for each exercise. Overall, Jazel hopes to encourage her clients to find self-love and appreciation in their aims to enhance their health and well-being.