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Pole workshops with Elizabeth Blanchard

TRICKS & TRANSITIONS Friday 6-7:30 PM and Saturday 4-5:30 PM

• Learn new and challenging pole poses and combos, climb variations, drops and inversions. This workshop will teach you new and creative ways both into and out of poses and tricks you already know as well as teach you new tricks and poses. This is an intermediate to advanced level workshop.


• This workshop is for intermediate to advanced students looking to master or add additional variations to their handsprings and ayeshas. If you are new to handsprings this workshop will help develop a strong foundation and ensure proper body alignment so as to rapidly improve strength and confidence. For students already comfortable with ayesha and handspring this is an opportunity to discover new ways to transition into and out of these challenging moves.

FLOOR & FLOW Sunday 4-5:30 PM

• Whether a seasoned pole enthusiast or new to the sport we can all improve our flow and transitions both on the floor and when transitioning between the pole and floor. This workshop is suitable for all levels and will focus on finding fluidity both on and off the floor. Learn how to play to your strengths and find your own personal flow.