• 10-11am Pole Conditioning with Miriam                             
  • 11-12pm Aerial Yoga
  • 12-1pm Resistance Flexibility
  • 1-1:45 Beginner Aerial Yoga
  • 5-6
    • Kids Lyra with Eddie (ages 7-9)
  • 6-7 
    • Kids Parkour (ages 7-13)
    • Kids Lyra (ages 9-14)
    • Open Pole
  • 7-8
    • Parkour (ages 14+)
    • Lyra (ages 15+)
    • Pole Conditioning with Aimee
  • 8-9
    • Intermediate Lyra
    • Pole Technique with Aimee


  • 9-10am Flexibility with Karolyn
  • 10-11
    • Lyra with Karolyn (ages 15+)
    • Handstands with Eddie
  • 11-12
    • Pilates with Jazel
    • Open Pole
  • 5-6 Kids Silks (ages 7-9)
  • 6-7
    • Kids Silks (ages 9-14)
    • Silks (ages 15+)
  • 7-8
    • Beginner Aerial Yoga
    • Adv Beginner Silks
  • 9 Aerial Yoga


  • AM Closed for private lessons
  • 5-6pm Kids Lyra(ages 7-9)
  • 6-7
    • Lyra (ages 9-14)
    • Pole Technique
  • 7-8
    • Lyra (ages 15+)
    • Pole Conditioning
    • Handstands
  • 9 Pole Dance


  • 9-10 am Flexibility with Karolyn
  • 10-11
    • Lyra with Karolyn (ages 15+)
    • Pole Technique with Aimee
  • 11-12
    • Pilates with Jazel
    • Open Pole
  • -6pm
    • ids Silks with Gina (ages 7-9)
  • 6-7pm
    • Silks with Gina (ages 10-14)
  • 7-8
    • Silks with Gina (ages 15+)
    • Beginner Aerial Yoga
  • 8-9
    • Aerial Yoga


  • 11-12 Aerial Yoga
  • 12-1 Resistance Flexibility
  • 1-1:45 Beginner Aerial Yoga
  • 5-6pm Kids Pole Acrobatics


  • Open Gym 12-2


Aerial Yoga:Our aerial hammock class is a unique fusion between traditional aerial yoga, and aerial arts, challenging our students with a fun and exciting beginner friendly workout.  In this class students will learn different wraps, drops and flow sequences using the aerial hammock as their aerial outlet. Whether you are a beginner, or advanced you will find our aerial hammock classes to be a perfect fit for you!

The aerial yoga hammock is suspended from two points creating a ā€œUā€ shape hammock for your body to rest in, lean on, and fly. The aerial yoga hammock is a tool that allows the practitioner to depend their postures, create a fuller range of motion, deepen awareness, and in many cases heal their body.

This class is taught by aerialist Ana Glacken.  MUST RSVP @(915)504-2824

    Aerial Hoop (lyra): The aerial hoop (also known as the lyra, is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which circus artists may perform aerial acrobatics. It can be used static, spinning, or swinging.

    Taught by aerialist Karolyn Nevarez.

    Aerial Silks: Aerial silk (also known as aerial ribbons, aerial tissue, fabric, ribbon, or chiffon) is a type of aerial apparatus in which artists perform aerial acrobatics while suspended from a special fabric. Performers climb the suspended fabric which has 2 open ends called tails, unlike the aerial hammocks which are in a supportive "U" shape.

    Class will focus on basic climbing techniques, knots, and other skills on aerial fabric to build strength, flexibility,
    balance and confidence. 

    Taught by aerialists Chris Clickener & Mindy Chanson & Laura Olivas

    Aerial Straps: Straps, also known as aerial straps, are a type of aerial apparatus on which various feats of strength and flexibility may be performed, often in the context of a circus performance. It is a cotton or nylon web apparatus that looks like two suspended ribbons. 

    In this class students will focus on strengthening and conditioning the body in order to safely and gracefully perform movements on the straps.  Open to students by RSVP only:

    This class taught by aerial straps specialist Eduardo Barron.  MUST RSVP @ (915)920-4341.

    Flexibility Taught by Ana Glacken and Karolyn Nevarez.

    Handstands:Taught by aerial straps and handstand specialist Eduardo Barron.

    Pole Taught by Miram and Aimee

    Parkour Taught by Adrian Ruiz


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    PRIVATE LESSONS also offered by many of our instructors.

    1. Our instructors offer private lessons and private group sessions off hours.

    Aerial silks, private and group lessons offered by Aerialist Chris Clickener and Mindy Chanson

    •         Chris Clickener brings a unique men's perspective to aerial silks and focuses on technique and strengthening the aerialist body to take flight.
    •         Aerialist and dancer Mindy Chanson teaches aerial silks using her extensive dance and performing arts experience.  Mindy teaches silks by adding her unique dance flavor to the curriculum creating an artistic approach to an already expressive form of movement.

    Personal training offered by our trainers Eddie

    • Eddie
      • Teaching acro-yoga, break dancing, and mixed apparatuses including Aerial Straps, Corde Lisse, Lyra, and the Spanish Web. As well as being proficient in acrobatics, gymnastics, aerial,calisthenics, and various dance techniques and styles. Performed in various dance recitals, aerial and acrobatic performances, and performed acro-yoga demonstrations at yoga festivals.

    Flexibility training also offered by Karolyn

    •        From training MMA fighters, grapplers, martial artists, dancers, performers and anyone just wanting to be more flexible; Karolyn trains all levels from beginners to contortion.  Karolyn will design a program tailored to the specific desires and needs of her client.  Sessions offered at AAF and other locations.

    contact. 915-920-4341